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Meet Doug Bollinger

  1. He’s a Hills boy

I grew up in Seven Hills so I was always in the area playing sport at the various sporting fields and also meeting friends and shopping at all the locals shopping centres – Kings Langley, Seven Hills, Blacktown and Castle Hill Towers. I still live in the area and it’s a great place to raise my family.

  1. His fave Momento local is The Australian Hotel & Brewery

It’s such a comfortable pub and I regularly go for Sundays with my family. The food is great with fantastic service and it is also fun to get up there to relax and watch the footy as well. The staff are always happy to help and make you and your family and friends welcome.

  1. He’s a people’s person

The people in the Northwest and West are in the most cases just true down to earth people trying to do the best for themselves and their families. As the area has grown and the facilities, restaurants and hotels have grown it is a fantastic environment to meet people and catch up with friends and its always a great time.

  1. The Northwest made him resilient

I grew up with the philosophy that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Growing up I bowled a lot of cricket balls by myself at the local high school to do the hard yards to get better. You learn to work hard for success and know that it’s never just given to you.

  1. He believes the West/Northwest is furtive ground for the next generation of sporting greats

I think the main reason is that in the West/Northwest there has always been so much room for Adults and Kids to find space to kick the footy, play some cricket, shoot some hoops. With the developments going on and there are many more parks and playing fields to service those developments so hopefully this can only benefit the growth of more sporting champions.


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